Krista Benson is an Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at Grand Valley State University. They completed their Ph.D. in 2017 from¬†Ohio State University in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Their current project,¬†The Kids Who Are(n’t) There:¬†Indigenous Youth, Child Removal, and Juvenile Detention, examines the ways in which heteropatriarchal gender norms are imposed on Native children through the system of “in state care,” including children educated in compulsory state education, those fostered outside of tribal families, and those with contact with the juvenile justice system.

They have taught, assisted in teaching, and lectured on career readiness, career preparation, feminist spirituality, poststructural/queer theory, sexuality studies, feminist social movements, and feminist theory. Prior to reentering academia, they worked in the non-profit, public service, and higher education areas of eastern Washington for ten years.

Twitter: @klinb
Academia.edu link

The website header is an illustration of Yuri Kochiyama with lyrics from Blue Scholars’ “Yuri Kochiyama.”


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